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Sodium Benzoate

Molecular formula:C7H5NaO2 
Molecular weight:144.11

Property:White grain or crystalline powder, odorless or with little benzoin smell.
Appearance:powdery, columnar.

Quality standard:in accordance with national standard of food additive(GB1902-05), BP 1993.

Packing:metal pail, carton or plastic woven bag with plastic or paper lining, sealed.

Storage and transportation:non dangerous article. Sealed, avoid moisture or impact.

    1, This product is excellent food preservative, used in various kinds of food including sauce, pickles, jam, preserved beancurd, fruit juice, soda pop and various kinds of cans.
    2, Can be used in medical industry for drug anticorrosion.
    3, Daily-used industry, used in anticorrosion of toothpaste, inkpad, paste and adhesive etc..
    4, Also widely used in organic chemical industry.

Quality standard(GB1902-05)


≥99.0 %
Water content
≤1.5 %
Alkalinity acidity
≤0.03 %
Heavy metal
≤0.001 %
≤0.0002 %
≤0.10 %
Color of 10% aqueous solution
Meet the specification
Milkiness degree of solution
Meet the specification
Phthalic acid
Pass the test
Readily oxidizable substance
Pass the test 
Sodium Benzoate
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