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Benzoic acid

 Benzoic acid(C6H5COOH£©
Chemical Name:Benzoic acid
Property:White silky scaly, needle crystal, with little smell of benzoin or benzaldehyde.
Relative density:1.316
Boiling point:249.2oC
Melting point:121.7-123oC, insoluble in water(0.34g/100m, 25oC), soluble in boiling water;4.55g/100,90oC), ethanol, chloroform, aether, fixed oil and volatile oil.
Use:Used in food and medicine preservative; antimicrobial agent; plastic plasticizer and organic synthesis materials.
Specification and executive standard:industrial grade Q/TL001-95
Food grade GB1902-94
Drug grade CP 95

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