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SD-87 42 Metal detergent

This product is a kind of metal detergent. It can take the place of petroleum, coal oil and diesel oil. It is the cleaning agent special for metal products. It is the domestic ideal energy-saving product.
Property and Use
1, This product is reproduced on many kinds of surface active agents, antirusting agents and auxiliaries. It is white solid substance.
2, Strong degreasing abilities;strong antirusting property.
3, This product has better carbon deposit effect, compared with the same kind of products in our country.
4, nontoxic, flavorless, nonvolatile, nonflammable, not pungent to the skin, no corrosion to metal materials, no pollution to the environment.
5, This products is used in the heavy repair of metal products and automobile including bearing, tool, measuring tool, cutting tool and gear etc.. It can clean butter, vegetable oil and gear oil etc..
Technical Index

Quality standard
Solid powder, white
PH value(3% solution)
Cloud point
No cloud point above 80oC
Foam(10% solution)
Antirust property
No rust within 48hrs( 35oC grey cast iron)
No rust corrosion within 48hrs(55oC46# steel)
Dirt removing power
Residual oil stain quantity< 0.0015g/cm3 
Sodium Benzoate
Benzoic acid
Calcium propionate
Sodium Propionate
SD-87 42 Metal detergent
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